Monthly Archives: September 2011

Father of the 6502: Evil Genius or just Genius?

Jeri Ellsworth and I did a three-way skype for the annual Commodore Users Group in Las Vegas a year or two ago with Chuck Peddle, father of the venerable 6502 microprocessor that CBM and Apple based their products on. Here is an excerpt where I ask Chuck his intentions towards humanity.

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No Audio Preview in Pinnacle Studio

Evidently when more than one capture card is present in a system, say for example you have AV capture cards, you need to add an ASIOIO directive to the settings.ini file for Pinnacle. You would not find the file yourself unless you work for MS. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Program Files(x86)\Pinnacle\Studio 15\programs\Sites\[ComputerName]\Settings To force DirectSound playback, add the following…
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