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Where are the Color Logical Network Icons from Cisco?

I get asked from time to time where the color logical network icons are to be found for Visio, specifically the Cisco’ish ones that are prevalent in the Cisco Press books.

It’s all too easy to find the icons depicting the physical systems, (only useful for drawing a cabinet layout IMHO)

You would think from this page that this is all of the Icons from Cisco, but it ain’t. Here is the

For the logical collections for all of the formats such as Power Point and EPS check out

Now this still doesn’t look like the color ones are present as there is a note that the URL for color Icons to be added. Color Icons are actually under the PMS3015 link. Originally the only Icons in here years ago were VPN Concentrator Icons for the 3000 series, I kid you not. So for about a year and a half I did not look in here for new color icons because I thought the name meant that this was 3000 family only. Evidently it means Pantone PMS color spec.

Direct link to Color Logical Icons

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