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GoDaddy SSL Certs and PalmOS

GoDaddy SSL Certs don't work with Palm OS / Versamail

Fixing Static Addresses on Verizon FIOS

Use ARP Poisoning to make your Static IP's work with Verizon FIOS and Alcatel ONT ARP who-has x.x.x.x tell

Getting Windows 8 to work with Cisco VPN Client

How to get Cisco VPN Client to work with Windows 8

Cisco ASA 8.4 – No more Global Address Pools

ASA 8.4 changes Global NAT/PAT, no more Pools, they LOVE net objects for everything.

Make life more orderly while picking through large Cisco ASA firewalls

Issue no names command to see all IP addresses on Cisco ASA appliance.

QM FSM error

QM FSM error and Cisco VPN's