Rename, bait and swap, repeat.

Interesting use of words on behalf of AT&T as I try out my Blackberry with unlimited data plan.  I hadn’t yet learned to moved the keys they wanted me to have on the splash screen, including that commercial advertisement known as Media Net or MediaNet or whatever.  I accidentally clicked it a dozen times which ultimately lead to “video”. Wanting to see that my unlimited data plan in action I clicked on a video.

Whats this, I need an unlimited dataplan with my Blackberry account with unlimited data plan.  Thinking that my unlimited data plan meant I have unlimited data, I clicked on the button that didn’t mean cancel. Ah, all’s I would have to do is provide the last 4 of my SSN/FID and they would add unlimited data to my Blackberry with unlimited data plan. 

While this seemed to good to be true that I could pay for the same service twice, I felt the need to speak to someone about it.  Don’t bother calling 800-499-8008 off their website, the number has changed, it is now 888-296-4561.

Finally they fess up, what they meant when they said that I should purchase an unlimited data plan is that I should add $15 more a month for Cellular Video, CV.  Yessss they called it unlimited data plan, yesss my employees would have clicked on it since I would have told them they had rights to unlimited data plan and yesss it’s hard to misspell unlimited data plan and come up with the words Cellular video.

So I was one click away from screwing my bill up for a long time.


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